Close your eyes, set yourself free...

Lose weight, quit smoking,

overcome insomnia,

eliminate stress and increase

your self-confidence

Change your life with Hypnotherapy

Moira Rolland

What can Hypnotherapy do for you?

Given the right support, people, whatever their background, can take control and change their lives.

As a hypnotherapist I love helping my clients to be the best versions of themselves.

Call or email me to arrange a completely free chat about your issue.

You will be under no obligation to take up therapy. You can tell me what you would like help with, see how you will like working with me and learn how I can help you take control, now.

07591 090890


What I charge:

£30 initial consultation with relaxation hypnotherapy

£50 single hypnotherapy session (sessions typically last 60-90 minutes)

Lose weight and reach your ideal goal

Stop smoking for good and feel much healthier

Overcome your fear of flying so you can really enjoy travelling

Improve your self esteem and feel great about yourself

Improve your memory and help you study

Enhance your sports performance

If you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep, hypnotherapy can help you to sleep better, break bad sleep patterns and insomnia

Stop the thoughts which produce panic attacks

Hypnotherapy can help with these issues and many more


"Thank you so much, Moira. Before she had her hypnotherapy session my wife used to be so scared of flying she would have to take sedatives which would affect her for the first couple of days of our holiday. Then she would be so worried about the flight coming home it would ruin the last few days for her. During our recent long haul trip the change was amazing. She didn't feel the need to take any medication and it made such a difference - to her and us. She is even planning a trip to visit her brother in Europe, something she would have avoided before."

"For as long as I can remember I have had a significant phobia of spiders to the point this has controlled my life and my partners life, in many ways. I had rituals such as checking my bedroom every night before going to bed and every room I entered would be immediately scanned to ensure it was safe. I am delighted to say since seeing Moira my phobia no longer rules my life. I have been able to calmly remove various sizes of spiders in containers out of my house without the hysteria which would normally surround such an event. Moira was very empathetic and patient, she has a very calming manner which is perfect for Hypnotherapy. I would recommend Moira to anyone for Hypnotherapy as I never thought it was possible to eliminate my phobia!"

"My 1st hypnotherapy session for weight loss was a great experience and afterwards I felt so relaxed and positive. Moira is extremely patient and has such a nice warm voice, I felt safe and confident to talk about my issues. I look forward to our next session and towards achieving my weight loss goal! "

How to find me

39a Regent Street

Leamington Spa


CV32 5EE